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Mass Adjustment Tool - Add-Remove-Adjust-Conversions [New Nav]


Accessing the Wizard

To access the Mass Adjustment Wizard in CAKE, open the Action Items menu by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner - select Mass Adjustment.

Step 1 - Mass Adjustment Type

In Step 1 - select from the drop down which type of Mass Adjustment you wish to make. There are 3 types of Mass Adjustments you can make in CAKE.

  • Add Conversions
  • Remove Conversions
  • Adjust Conversions

Note: When Events are enabled(Setup > Settings > Tracking Settings > Enable Events) the Adjustment Type will update adding "/Events" to the end of the Adjustment Type.

Step 3 - Adjust Conversions

1. Change Price Paid &/or Change Price Received check box(es):

When you check the check boxes that are associated with either Changing Price Paid or Changing Price Received - a field will expand under the checked option prompting you to enter the New Price Paid Per Lead &/or New Price Received Per Lead.

2. Effective Date:

Choosing the Effective Date on the Mass Adjustment Wizard is a required action. There are 3 choices to choose from:

  • Today - changes will apply to today's date
  • Conversion Date - changes will apply to the Original Conversion Date
  • Custom - changes will apply to the Custom Date that is chosen.

Note: This will apply to LTV changes in the future.

Step 4 - Adjust Conversions

Step 4 - depending on what you chose for the Effective Date drop down - messaging related to the option that you chose will appear. If you agree with the action(s) that will apply to the conversions, select Next. If you would like to change the Effective Date option, select the Previous button to return to Step 3.

Step 5 - Event Summary

Step 5 is the final step here you are able to go back and make changes prior to submitting the information that is being displayed. If you agree, then click on the Finish button. If you disagree, click the Previous button and make any necessary updates on steps 2 or 3.


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