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Blacklists can be found on the Advertiser card, Offer card and the Affiliate card.

Blacklists on the Offer card allow a user to redirect affiliate or sub-affiliate traffic to one of the following destinations:

    - Offer Redirect: Selecting this will send traffic to the redirect location specified on the Offer card.

    - Global Redirect: Selecting this will send traffic to the Global Redirect that is set under the Setup main tab > Settings sub-tab > Tracking Settings.

    - 404: Selecting this will redirect traffic to a 404 page.

To add a new Offer Blacklist

    - From the Offer card, click on the Traffic tab, then the Blacklists sub-tab.

    - Click the Add button

    - Choose an affiliate from the drop-down. The sub-affiliate field is optional and will reference sub-affiliates associated to the chosen affiliate.

    - The Reason, Type and Blacklist Date fields are required.

Blacklists set up on the Advertiser card that do not specify an offer will show on the Offer Blacklists, but they cannot be modified. Also, the Blacklist will be italicized to differentiate between offer-specific blocks.

Double-clicking on the line item will pop up an error message that reads "Advertiser-level Blacklist" to remind you that this block has to be modified on the Advertiser card.


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