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How Do I Use the Feature Landing Pages?



If you have custom permissions being used in your CAKE instance, you will need to enable this feature for each Role that you have customized.

Admin>Other Lists>Landing Page Categories

Offer>Cards>Offer>Landing Pages

What Are Landing Pages?

Landing Pages are entities within CAKE that represent destination pages and confirmation pages. With the Landing Pages entity you can accomplish the following:

  • Landing Page Categorization
  • Internal Redirect Landing Page Overrides on:
    • Creatives
    • Targeting
    • Contracts
  • Reporting on Landing Pages

What Are Landing Page Categories?

Landing Pages allow you to categorize your destination URLs as: Language, Content, Device, or Region. You also have the ability to create custom Subcategories that live under the main Categories. Landing Page Categorizations allow you to group Offer Contracts and Campaigns in the Affiliate Portal Offer grid so that your Affiliates can find the best Landing Page(s) for their traffic.

How to Add Landing Page Subcategories

  1. Navigate to Setup
  2. Click on the Other Lists Sub-tab
  3. Find the Landing Page Categories section
  4. Click on the Add button
  5. Enter your desired Subcategory name
  6. Map your Subcategory to the relevant Category
  7. Click the Update button

Where to Manage Landing Pages

The Landing Pages tab on the Offer Card is where you will Add, Edit and Categorize all of your Landing Pages and Confirmation Pages.

For each Landing Page or Confirmation Page, you will have the ability to give it a Name and decide if it should be Creative specific or show in the Affiliate Portal.

To Add a new Landing Page or Confirmation Page, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add
  2. Assign a unique Name to the Page
  3. Designate the URL traffic will redirect to
  4. Select the Page Type; Landing Page, Confirmation Page or Both
  5. Check the Creative Specific box if this URL should only be available in the Creatives tab

Note: All Edits to Landing Page URLs should be made from the Landing Pages tab, any changes to a URL from the Home Tab, Creative Card or Contracts tab will create a new Landing Page entity.

To Categorize your Landing Pages so that Affiliates can easily find the pages that are best suited for their traffic, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Landing Page
  2. Click on the Category sub-tab
  3. Check the box(es) next to Category-Subcategory and Add Selected
  4. Click the Add Selected button

After you've Categorized your Landing Page(s) you will see the assigned Category-Subcategory in the Category column within the Landing Pages tab.

How to Apply a Landing Page to a Contract

When creating a new Contract, or editing an existing one, you can select a Landing Page from the dropdown list of pre-configured Landing Pages or type a new landing page URL into the field. If you type a URL into the Landing Page field, a new Landing Page entity will be created if the URL is not recognized. If the URL is recognized, CAKE will map an existing Landing Page entity to the field.

The process will be the same for adding or editing the Contract's Confirmation Page.

For more information on Offer Contracts, please visit this article.

How to Apply a Landing Page to a Creative

After adding a new Creative, or editing an existing Creative, you can specify a Landing Page other than the Offer's default Landing Page to drive traffic to. The Landing Page on the Creative can be one that is specified as a Creative Specific Landing Page or a non-Creative Specific Landing Page.

If you have not already created a Landing Page entity for the URL you wish to drive traffic to from this Creative, you can type in the Landing Page URL from the Creative card which will auto-create a new Landing Page entity that is Creative Specific.

For more information on how to add a new Creative, please visit this article.

How to Redirect to a Landing Page with Rules Targeting

The Landing Pages feature within CAKE allows you to redirect traffic to multiple Landing Pages within an Offer or Offer Contract without having to create a new Offer Contract and Campaign for your Affiliate.

On the Rule that you create, you will see an option to redirect traffic that meets the targeting criteria to a different Offer or Offer Contract in the "Redirect" field. However, the "Landing Page" field  will allow you to redirect traffic to one of your Offer's Landing Pages that will be tracked within the designated Offer Contract. 

For more detail on how to setup Rules Targeting, please visit this article

How to Redirect to a Landing Page with Geo Targeting

With Geo Targeting in CAKE, you can redirect traffic from "Allowed" Countries to Landing Pages within your Offer by double-clicking on the field under the Landing Page column for each Country that you've allowed. 

Any Countries that are "Disallowed" will only have the option to redirect to an external Offer, this will be set in the Redirect Offer column.

For more detail on how to setup Rules Targeting, please visit this article.

API Notes

Submitting an API call to update the URL of an offer link (or any other link field) will result in:

·         Updating the URL of the currently mapped Landing page  AS LONG AS the Landing Page is not assigned anywhere else (geotargeting, rules or offer contracts).

·         Creating a NEW Landing Page if the current mapped Landing Page is assigned anywhere else

Landing Pages or Offer Contracts?

So, you may be asking yourself, "When do I use Landing Pages and when do I use Offer Contracts?"  You may have unique use cases but we have narrowed it down to the following:

Use Offer Contracts if you need to have different variations of the Offer when it comes to:

  • Price Format
  • Price Received
  • Different Events
  • Different Targeting

Use Landing Pages if you want to:

  • Have an easy way to do A/B split testing without having to create multiple offer contracts
  • Redirect traffic to specific languages, content, device/operating system or region

The Landing Page column can be added to any Clicks and Conversions reports, including the Click and Conversion breakout reports from the Affiliate, Offer, Advertiser, and Campaign reports.

The column will display the Name of the Landing Page associated with the Click or Conversion. If you click on the Name of the Landing Page, the Offer card will open with that Landing Page selected.

If a landing page URL is deep-linked within the ckmrdr parameter of a CAKE Tracking Link, the Landing Page column in Reports will display "Custom."

If a click is triggered from a Click Pixel or Dynamic Click Pixel, the Landing Page column in Reports will display N/A.

For detailed steps on how to create Custom Reporting Views such as adding Columns to your Report, please visit this article

Reporting on Landing Pages

You can add a Landing Page column to the Clicks and Conversions reports.  This includes breakout reports, master reports and testing reports (recent test clicks, recent test conversions) and will show the endpoint Landing page that a specific click was sent to.

The column will display the NAME of the Landing Page associated with that click/conversion and will be clickable so that you can go directly to the Offer Card> Landing Pages area for more information.

NOTE: When traffic comes through CAKE with ckmrdr we display “custom.”

NOTE: When traffic comes through CAKE from a tag (CP, DCP, marketo, etc.) we will display N/A.


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