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Redacted Lead Fields


How To Redact Lead Field Information

This document will cover the following:

  • What are Redacted Fields?
  • How do I enable the Redacted Lead Field feature?
  • How to setup Redacted Lead Fields

What are "Redacted Fields"?

The Redacted Fields feature allows select lead field data points to be distributed from source to buyer without being stored within CAKE to ensure privacy.

How Do I Enable The Redacted Lead Field Feature?

In order to have this functionality available you must first license the Lead Distribution product. This feature is not standard and will require a call to your Client Success Manager or to our Support team to enable.  

How To Setup Redacted Lead Fields: Vertical Card

  1. Navigate to the Vertical Card > Fields tab
  2. Double click on the field to edit
  3. Enable the checkbox on the Redacted column

Redacted works with "Show In Reports" and "Hide From Buyer" as they are similar concepts to control visibility. Enabling / Disabling Redacted sets the values for "Show In Reports" and "Hide From Buyer". Example If redacted = TRUE show in reports = FALSE and Hide From Buyer = TRUE. When disabling redacted the values for show in reports, and hide from buyer are not preserved users will have to change these settings to their liking.

Lead Card Redacted Fields Display

When a lead card displays, Redacted fields will only render a label of help text indicating a field has been redacted.

Redacted Reporting Display


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