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Welcome to CAKE! This Quick Start Guide will walk you through all of the basics to get to a live Campaign.

As your instance of CAKE is probably very empty at the moment, the following links will walk you through how to setup everything to get to a live Campaign.

Follow the links below to walk through the CAKE workflow of setting up a live Campaign:

  1. How to Add a Vertical: The basic categorization of your Offers (Document / Video)
  2. How to Add an Advertiser: The owner or broker of an Offer (Document / Video)
  3. How to Add a 3rd Party Offer: The product or landing page you are promoting in your Network (Document / Video)
  4. How to Add an Affiliate: The source of your traffic to an Offer (Document / Video)
  5. How to Add a Campaign: The relationship between an Affiliate and an Offer (Document / Video)


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