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Product Updates - Year in Review

Updated Jan 06, 2016

In this document you will find a list of new features and enhancements that CAKE developed in 2015!

New Help Desk

CAKE switched to Fresh desk, a cloud based customer support system providing a better customer experience with support. Haven't submitted a ticket to our support team? It's easy! Email for any questions or issues.

Campaign Default Entities

With this feature, you no longer need to repeat configuration settings every time you generate a new campaign. In Setup > Default Entities you can select the features and settings that you would like enabled by default for all campaigns created in your system, saving time and eliminating errors when setting up a new campaign. To learn more, click here.

Link Encryption at the Affiliate Level

This year we enhanced the existing Global Tracking setting that enables CAKE clients to Encrypt Affiliate tracking links, providing additional control for this feature at the Affiliate level. On the Affiliate Card under the "Advanced" tab - there is a drop down that was added, which allows you to enable/disable encryption of links at the Affiliate Level (which overrides the Global Settings), or you can choose to have the drop down fallback to "Default to Global Settings." To learn more about link encryption, click here.

Hide Deleted or Inactive Campaigns in the Affiliate Portal

In Setup > Affiliate Portal Settings > Affiliate Permissions you can choose to hide inactive or deleted campaigns from the portal.

Offer Filter Option for Campaign Master Report

The addition of this filter gives you the ability to filter by a particular Offer while viewing the Campaign master report. Simply add this filter by clicking the edit view pencil icon in the top right hand corner of your reports.

Targeting Redirect Options

Interested in using your current Vertical Redirect Offer as a fallback method for your Rules and Geo-targeting redirects? We added 'Vertical Redirect' as an option when leveraging Rules or Geo-targeting. This time saving option can be found in the following areas within your Targeting tab of the Offer Card. 

• Offer Card > Traffic > Targeting > Rules: 'Redirect' field

• Offer Card > Traffic > Targeting > Geo: 'Set Default Geo-targeting Redirect Offer' field

• Offer Card > Traffic > Targeting > Geo: 'Redirect URL' field

Please note: Located on the Vertical Card, the Vertical Redirect Offer can be set as a fallback to send redirected traffic to a specific offer in another Vertical. If you do not have a Vertical redirect specified, the redirected traffic will go to your Global Redirect URL.

Distributing Affiliate Terms and Conditions

We released a feature pertaining to the affiliate signup process for Affiliate Terms and Conditions. CAKE now stores a PDF copy of the Agreed to Terms and Conditions on the Affiliate Card(admin portal), and you can also enable an email copy to be sent to the Affiliate. The PDF version of the Terms and Conditions is stored on the Affiliate Card > History Tab and can be downloaded by the Admin. 

Launched CAKE Connect

2015 brought us CAKE Connect, our new partner marketplace where you can find and collaborate with leading technology, media and agency partners. You can access the marketplace through your CAKE instance by clicking on the green button located in the top right corner. If you have not already explored CAKE Connect, we invite you to do so today! 

As you search the marketplace, you can click on the company logos to learn more about each partner. If you would like to connect with a partner, click the "Connect" button, and your dedicated account manager will follow-up with additional information. 

Keep us connected! We would love to hear from you on what additional products and services you would like to see included in CAKE's growing partner ecosystem. Please email your suggestions to 

Edit Multiple Creative

Want to update multiple creatives at once?  Now you can through the Change Creative Information wizard.   

The following fields can be updated to multiple creatives at one time:

•    Name

•    3rd Party Name

•    Status

•    Expiration Date

•    Offer Link

•    Allow Link Override

Affiliate Global Pixel Settings

Control when the Affiliate Global Pixel fires per Event/Conversion or both.  This drop down menu can be found on the Affiliate Card > Pixels Tab.  If you have an Affiliate Global Pixel placed on the Affiliate Card, you can now specify when you want that pixel to fire: Fire when the Conversion (or Macro Event) occurs, or when the Event (Micro Event) occurs or for both.

Throwout Click & Impression Periods

On the Attribution Tab of the Offer Card, CAKE clients will now see two new settings:

- Throwout Click Period

- Throwout Impression Period

CAKE clients now have the ability to customize the time frame in which you deem a duplicate click or impression.  The Throwout Click Period defines the time period that CAKE will count click(s) as a unique click from the same user.  By default, the Throwout Click Period in CAKE is set to 1 minute. The Throwout Impression Period defines the time period that CAKE will count an impression(s) as a unique impression from the same user.  By default, the Throwout Impression Period in CAKE is set to 1 hour.

Redirect Domains Visibility on Affiliate and Offer Grids

In the Affiliate and Offer grids there is a custom field that allows you to add a column containing the redirect domain used by that entity. 

Simply navigate to the Affiliate Grid or Offer Grid, click on the “edit view” icon in the top right corner.  In the “Column” section – scroll all the way to the bottom and select the "Redirect Domains” checkbox.  Don’t forget to select “Update View” to save the settings.  A new column will now appear in the grid showing which redirect domain is associated with that entity. 

Pending Pixel Export

This enhancement allows you to export all pending pixel requests. Simply go to the Affiliate Tab> Pending> Pixels to find a new Export button in the upper righthand corner of the grid.

Email Templates: #Company# Name Token

Personalized emails are proven to be more effective! The Login Info email template that is used to send Affiliates their login link and their username has been updated to support the Affiliate Company name in the subject line. To use this, simply add the #Company# token to the subject line.

Mobile App Tracking - UDID Parameter

CAKE simplified our Mobile App tracking with the Unique Device Identifier, or UDID parameter and token.

The UDID parameter can be used in the unique tracking links, Conversion pixel and Event pixel. The #udid# token, located in the “Show Tokens” wizard can be used in the Offer link as well as the Affiliate and Global pixels.

Values captured in the UDID parameter are displayed in the Click report, Conversion report and the Conversion cards. The UDID can also be viewed in the Affiliate Portal reports by editing the views. To learn more, click here.

City Level Targeting

A clearly defined target can determine the difference between a successful campaign and wasted marketing spend. CAKE now supports city level targeting to ensure your dollars are spent in the right place in order increase conversion rates and return on investment. 

Be sure to take advantage of this powerful targeting option available within Location Rules targeting. To learn more about using this tool, click here.

Redirect Parameters

Used primarily when utilizing the Deep Link feature, you can control which parameters make it to the landing page by using the Redirect Parameters field on the Offer Card. On redirect, CAKE will populate the parameters and their respective dynamic values on the destination URL from the Deep Link, on the Creative, the Offer Contract or even the Offer Link. To learn more about using this field, click here.

Link Module

Do you ever have your affiliates reach out with questions about how to set up and structure their unique tracking link? The link module now provides a wizard to build a unique tracking link and appends tracking parameters for them.

#ckmrdr# Token

By adding this token to your offer link, you are confirming that if your affiliate deep links you still receive credit for sending a click to the advertiser. To learn more about deep linking, click here.

Read Only Roles Access

*Warning* Do not enable this feature for the Admin role. If you do, you will block your ability to make changes in your system.

Do you want to limit a user in your system to just read only? You can do so by using the Roles Access feature that can limit a user's ability to edit or modify anything in your CAKE system. This setting can be set for a new or existing role in your Permissions settings.

Directed Campaigns

the Non-Original Campaign name was retired and updated to Directed Campaign. After much feedback and discussion, the term "Directed" better represents the concept as you’re specifically directing traffic based on a sub id, creative or other criteria. To learn more about how to utilize directed campaigns, click here.

CPC & CPM Reporting Updates

In this release, CAKE introduced a new report filter which hides CPC and CPM conversions counts by default, while still including their respective costs. What does this accomplish? This helps to give you a true conversion count from a pixel fire/postback perspective in terms of actions versus Clicks or Impression counts. You will be able to configure this within your custom views to toggle whether or not to include CPC and CPM conversions in your Reports. For additional detail on the changes being made to CPC & CPM reporting, read our update here.

Add Total Views in Reporting

View gross impressions in reporting

Source Timestamp

Impression timestamp has now been added to reporting, giving you the visibility to see when a user first viewed an ad.


Lead Gen Updates

Lead Routing Enhancement

We are simplifying the setup process for the restriction of lead sales from Offers to Buyer Contracts and vice versa.  As such, the Buyer Contract card will be enhanced to allow the selection of multiple Offers and both the Offer and Buyer Contract cards will allow more granular filtering (by Affiliate, Campaign, etc.). The Routing Rules section of the Lead Gen tab has always allowed this functionality, but we’re now making it easier to manage. With this change, when viewing disqualification dispositions in the Buyers tab of the Lead Card, the following dispositions will change:    “Sell Only to Listed Buyers” will now be “Routing - Source Only Sells to Others”     “Contract Offer Mismatch” will now be “Routing - Only Buys from Other Sources”

Buyer Portal Enhancement - Return Notes Field

If you work with multiple buyers and allow for returns within the Buyer Portal, the Return Notes field is a feature we recommend taking advantage of. This field provides additional transparency and insight into the reason a lead is returned.

Available in the Return Lead wizard, the notes are displayed within the Returns grid of the Admin Portal.

Buyer Portal Granular Permission Control

Permissions for a number of items in the Buyer Portal that will allow you to control how Buyers interact with their Portal.  You can find these new settings in Setup> Permissions> Roles Access to view and change your Buyer Portal permission settings.

Buyer Contract Filters

Have you ever had to jump back to the Filter Types setup page to remember exactly what field you are evaluating for a Buyer? This new enhancement will eliminate that issue and save you time.

From the Buyer Contract Card > Filters Tab > Filters, hover over a specific filter to see the Lead Field and Operator associated to that Buyer Contract Filter.

Buyer Return Reason Enhancement

The Buyer portal can be enabled to display not only the "Not Approved" status of a returned lead, but was enhanced to show the reason as to why the returned lead was rejected. Reasons are customizable in Setup > Reason List. By default this is disabled in the Buyer portal. You can choose to enable this on your Setup > Lead Gen Settings. 

Track and Report on Buyer Response Redirects

When a lead successfully posts to a Buyer in CAKE, the Buyer can choose to send that lead to a specific URL destination of their choice. The redirect URL is provided by the Buyer at the time of when a “Success” response is recorded in CAKE. You can now track these redirects in CAKE.

Copying Validation from Offer to Offer

This release allows you to copy an Offer level validation to another Offer within the same Vertical

Consumer History for Lead Management

When a Lead is manually moved to the Review Queue, the Consumer History will now show the username of the user who moved it there instead of "System Process."

Campaign Disable Returns

We introduced a new feature at the Campaign level which overrides the Lead Gen Settings- "Return Lead To Affiliate" & "Remove Affiliate Payment" for Campaigns where this setting is enabled. This setting allows your affiliates to not be affected by buyers returns, meaning that leads with "Accepted Lead Returns" will not be marked as returned and your affiliate will still be paid.



Integration Partners


This year CAKE developed enhancements to our Forensiq integration allowing clicks, leads and conversions to be scored and displayed in CAKE in real-time. 

Based on scores for clicks and conversions as they come into your CAKE instance, you can create rules targeting to redirect that traffic. 

The Forensiq Risk Score represents the likelihood of a click, conversion or lead being fraudulent based on a multivariate scoring model and Forensiq’s Fraud Intelligence database that consolidates the knowledge from billions of visits.

For more information about Forensiq or about integrating Forensiq into your CAKE instance please contact your account manager.


OpenMail believes in the power of more relevant and targeted email. They are a group of experienced entrepreneurs and data scientists obsessed with one thing: making your email better. Utilizing their data warehouse will help you to collect user attributes, optimize engagement and increase revenue; and creating highly targeted email lists through beautiful data visualization and analytics has never been easier!


Payoneer is a global payment clearinghouse, allowing you to pay your affiliates and publishers directly from CAKE. With this integration you can significantly reduce costs of transfers and send payments globally within minutes. To learn more about enabling this integration, please contact your account manager.


Payability gives you free capital to pay your affiliates weekly. Their no-cost, hassle-free solution is completely integrated into your CAKE instance. Payability uses its capital to advance weekly payments to your affiliates, and then is paid by you on your normal payment terms. Publishers, networks and other affiliate program managers leveraging CAKE are now able to offer their affiliates advanced payments exclusively through Payability.


Xverify is a service that can help to improve leads with instant email verification.


DialogTech is the maker of LeadFlow™, the easiest-to-use, most advanced phone lead routing and attribution solution for lead gen agencies and affiliate marketers.

Google Ad Words

CAKE's Google Ad Words integration pulls in keyword cost data and gives you a clear view of cross-channel attribution. Learn more about the source of your traffic to better optimize your digital spend.

Bing Ads

Available in CAKE for Advertisers, use this integration to pull in your Bing Ads cost data and PPC reporting to get a full view of how this channel is performing.


Leverage Marketo's engagement marketing platform. Through this integration, CAKE & Marketo give digital marketers a comprehensive view into the channels driving customer acquisition and customer lifetime value.





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