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This article will cover the following:

- What is Deep Linking?

- How to enable Deep Linking

- How to set up Deep Linking in the Affiliate Portal

- CAKE to CAKE Deep Linking

What is Deep Linking?

Deep Linking pertains to a URL which goes to a specific page that differs from the primary Offer link (landing page) URL. 

For example:

Offer Link:

Deep Link: 

Commonly used in Ecommerce or search, if an affiliate is running traffic to an Offer using a Creative but wants to control which specific page the traffic is sent to, then the option for Deep Linking must be enabled.

The above example is beneficial if the Affiliate has a shoe blog and knows their traffic will convert better if linked directly to a page with the Advertiser's shoe products rather than a general landing page.


How to Enable Deep Linking

How to Enable Deep Linking

In order to enable your affiliate to use deep linking, there are two steps to follow.  

1. Enable the Allow Link Override check box on the Creative Card

2. The Affiliate must append &ckmrdr=to their tracking link

In order to enable the Affiliate to use the ckmrdr= parameter in their links and redirect traffic to a specific Deep Link (landing page), the option must be enabled on the Creative level.

In the specific Creative that is to allow Affiliate level Deep Linking, the "Allow Link Override" checkbox in the Info subtab must be checked.  Once this checkbox is checked, the Affiliate is then free to append their tracking link with &ckmrdr=DEEP_LINK. The affiliate will follow &ckmrdr= with the destination URL they wish to send traffic to. 



How to use Deep Linking in the Affiliate Portal

Once ‘allow link override’ is checked on the Creative card, affiliates can Deep Link and send users to the landing page of their choice.

In the Affiliate Portal:

Affiliates can open the Offer card they are driving traffic to & in the Creative subtab there will be the 'Get Link' hyperlink. Clicking here will open the Link Module & will populate the 'Destination URL' field.

The 'Destination URL' needs to be populated with the landing page your affiliate would like to drive traffic to.

Note*: 'Destination URL' will only display in the Link Module if 'allow link override is checked OR if #ckmrdr# is used in your offer link.

Example of an Affiliate tracking link with Deep Linking:

In this example, AFFILIATE_ID is the actual affiliate ID and CREATIVE_ID is the creative ID which has the setting enabled.

NOTE: The creative ID in the tracking URL must match with a creative that has deep linking (link override) enabled.

CAKE to CAKE Deep Linking

If your Affiliate is utilizing Deep Linking they are going to bypass the Offer link set on the Offer Card in your system and the user will go directly to the deep link. In order to ensure that your advertiser is recording a click for you for any redirect that is sent directly to the deep link you will want to add the #ckmrdr# token to your Offer link. Following the #ckmrdr# token you will have the ability to place a fallback URL. The fallback URL tells CAKE where to redirect the user if they have come through a tracking link without Deep Linking.

#ckmrdr# token features:

Allows you to pass “Deep Links” to your Offer link and track a click with your advertiser before traffic is redirected to your affiliate’s Deep Link.

- Supports Fallback URL

- URL encodes Redirect Paramaters (to learn more about Redirect Parameters, click here)

- Drives display of destination URL field on Link Modal

- Allows for link override even when it isn't checked on the Creative card

Example Offer link:

Adding #ckmrdr# to your offer link will allow CAKE to track a click for you and revert back to the Deep Link set on the Affiliate tracking link in order to redirect to that landing page. By hovering over the Setup tab and clicking “Show Tokens” you will see the available tokens below:


Allow Link Override

If #ckmrdr# is appended to the Offer link, then by default CAKE will assume you want to deep link all traffic. If there is no deep link on the affiliate tracking link, then CAKE will redirect to the Fallback URL (or the offer link landing page if there is no fallback URL)

*NOTE: adding #ckmrdr# to the offer link assumes all creatives for that offer are allowing link override. In the event you DO NOT want a creative to allow link override you can click into the creative card and on the info tab check “Allow Link Override” and include a creative specific offer link. This will take hierarchy over the offer level setting and disable link override for that specific creative.

*NOTE: Only when #ckmrdr# is appended to the offer link will “Destination Link Url” be displayed to the affiliate in the Link Modal in the Affiliate Portal.

Redirect Parameters

Redirect Parameters:  Use this field to enter parameters with CAKE tokens that you want to append to your Offer Link when CAKE redirects.  The most common use of this feature is CAKE to CAKE deep linking. You would use this field if you want to ensure parameters are sent to the destination landing page.  This field supports all Tokens that work on an Offer Link.  If you're using #ckmrdr# in your Offer Link, CAKE will URL encode Redirect Parameters to ensure these tokens are being passed to the correct level. kmrdr# is used in the offer link, CAKE will url encode all paramaters used in the Redirect Paramaters Field. These paramaters will be appended following the #ckmrdr# token in the offer link and ensure these tokens are passed to the Advertiser.


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