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Return Reason in Buyer Portal


This article will cover the following:

  • Settings for Buyer Returns
  • Return Reason wizard in the Buyer Portal


On the Buyer Contract card > Delivery Schedule tab there is a column for No Return.  In order for your Buyer to be able to Return leads from their portal you must leave this setting disabled.

In the main Setup tab > Lead Gen settings subtab there is a checkbox for Rejected Return Reason Visibility.  In order for your Buyer to be able to see the Return Reason in their portal this setting must be enabled.

Buyer Portal

Login to the Buyer Portal > Select the Leads subtab > Click Return

The Reject Reasons will show up in a wizard with an optional notes field

Admin Portal

The Return Reason selected shows up in the Admin Portal in the Returns Grid

The Return Notes show up now in a new Return Note

When hovered-over, the full note-text shows.  On export, the full text exports


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