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Email Configuration For Mandrill


Setting up a CAKE instance to relay emails through Mandrill


Mandrill is a mail service ( allows for up to 12,000 smtp relays at no charge. To setup an account with their service, go to and select 'Signup for Mandrill'.

Follow the steps as they are presented until the account has been created. Once able to login, click on the settings tab on the left side navigation within Mandrill.

Mandrill to CAKE

This section will provide all necessary information for configuring the new Mandrill account to relay messages from CAKE.

Within the CAKE admin UI under Setup >> Settings >> Email Settings, place the information provided by Mandrill. Please refer to the below mapping for information on where to find this data:

Mail Server Domain/IP Address:Enter the 'Host' information from Mandrill

Mail Server 'From' Email Address:Enter the email address that you would like your emails to be sent from

Mail Server 'From' Name:Enter the name you would like to appear on the emails to be sent

Mail Server Username:Enter the SMTP Username listed on the Mandrill Settings

Mail Server Password:Enter the API Key provided from Mandrill settings page. This key is provided at the bottom of the page.

Mail Server Port Number*:Enter the Port provided on the Mandrill Settings (Typically 587)

Additional Tips to Note

When setting up a new account with Mandrill to conduct your mail relays, please keep the following tips in mind:

1. It can take time for the new configuration to propagate. After setting up the integration, please allow up to 30 minutes for the data to propagate.

2. If you attempt a test and see that email in Mandrill has stopped and is being kept in a 'Backlog' you may have been flagged for additional review. This is a normal security precaution by Mandrill. Please click 'Support' in the bottom left of the Mandrill UI and confirm via the prompt if your account has been set for review. If so, please request an audit by Mandrill and they will look further into your account.


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