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SOAP Posting Method

Updated Jul 22, 2015

This article covers:

  • How to post to a buyer using the SOAP method

Buyer Posting Doc

The first step in setting up a SOAP buyer post, as with any type of post, is to obtain detailed posting instructions from your buyer (Posting docs). This document could come in multiple forms including a link to instructions on a website, a word document or Adobe Acrobat file.

In the documentation there will usually be a link to their Web Services Page or a direct link to the WSDL document (link ending in WSDL).

Web Services Document

Web Services Document

Clicking on the individual Web Service Operation links will take you to a page with a complete description of the method. The "Service Description" link usually links directly to the WSDL document.

Service Method Description

From the document of the Web Service Operation that you will be using, you can obtain the Post URL, Header information and an example XML post body which will be important for setting up your SOAP post.

Configuring Your Buyer Contract

Once you have the required documentation from the buyer, it is then time to start configuring your Buyer Contract.

Configuring Headers

Once you have the documentation mentioned in the previous step, you will want to apply the headers provided in the doc to your buyer contract under Delivery Method > Post Headers. There is an "Add SOAP Headers" button that is essentially a time saver for applying the desired SOAP version header. In this example we applied SOAP 1.1 which still requires the buyer's provided SOAPAction URL. Applying SOAP 1.2 should not require any additional values unless the default is different from what is provided in the buyer's Posting Docs.

The rest of the headers should be just as provided in the method description. The semicolons should not be included as the system will do this automatically.

Content-Length is generally not required even though it appears in the method description. But this may vary from buyer to buyer.

XML Message Body

Next you will need to copy the XML message body example from the method description page and paste it into Delivery Method > XML Post. If the buyer has provided test lead data, you can replace the placeholder which describes the data types (bytes, string, boolean) with the test lead data, or if you prefer to test with actual leads within your system, you can begin to replace them with the lead tokens found using the "Show Lead Tokens" button on the top.


At this point you should be ready to test using the "Send Test Post" button at the top. This will be a process of trial and error and good communication with your buyer to iron out any additional details that need to be addressed. Good luck!


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