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This article covers:

  • Setting up the IP Whitelist feature in CAKE to allow only certain IP addresses to access the different portals in your instance (Admin, Affiliate, Advertiser, etc.)

How to setup a Login IP Whitelist

To set up the IP Whitelist, first click on the "Setup" tab then click on the "Blocks and Profanity" subtab. You will see the Login IP Whitelist section here.

Finally, click the add button and add the start and end of the IP address you would like to whitelist. Under the "Portal" dropdown, select the portal for which you would like to whitelist this IP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you block a specific IP address from all portals, you will not be able to access that instance in any way from that IP. If this were to occur, you will need to contact CAKE support to go in manually and restore access for you.


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