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How to leverage CAKE and Google Pixel Tracking


This article covers:

- How to work with Google Pixels in CAKE for Networks.


Affiliates may want to make use of their Google AdWords campaigns to drive traffic through their CAKE unique link.  In order for conversion tracking to work in their Google AdWords account affiliates will need to follow the steps below.

Tip: These steps will be extremely helpful if conversion tracking is working in your CAKE instance, but not in your affiliate's Google AdWords tracking platform.

Affiliate MUST create a Campaign & Ad Group

Your affiliate will need to create a campaign in Google AdWords. They will simply specify campaign name, keywords, locations and languages, bidding and budget, etc.

Next, your affiliate will need to create an ad group in the campaign that was just created.

Affiliate MUST create an Ad

Once the affiliate campaign and ad group are created your affiliate will need to create a text ad to go into the ad group.  When this is done you will need to specify the Headline, Description 1 and Description 2. The ad includes a headline of up to 25 characters, two description lines of up to 35 characters, a display URL and destination URL. The Display URL is what consumers will want to see. To help your affiliate, some offer previews may contain the primary domain (URL).

The Destination URL will be a tracking link (the Unique CAKE affiliate link) from your CAKE instance. In your affiliate CAKE portal they can obtain the unique link by opening up the Offer >> Creative Tab. Conversely, as the CAKE admin you may provide them with this link by opening up your affiliates Campaign Card, and select the Generate Unique Link button.

Your affiliate may create an image ad instead of a text ad by selecting the campaign then the ad group that will contain your image ads. To begin, click the Ads tab and select New Ad to create an Image ad campaign and follow the steps as outlined by Google.

Affiliate obtains Google Pixel

Once the ad is created your affiliate can obtain the Google Pixel which will be used for tracking purposes in your affiliate's Google AdWords tracking platform.

Even though your affiliate can rely on their affiliate portal in CAKE, an affiliate may elect to track in their own tracking platform.

To obtain the Google Pixel have your affiliate login into their Google AdWords account >> click onto "tools" >> conversions >> and select onto the ad name listed under "conversions" >> scroll to the "install your tag" section and copy the code. This code contains the Google Pixel which they can place in their "testing & tracking" instructions page. Within this page there is a section titled "Pixel HTML."  It is here where the Google Pixel will be placed.

How it works...

When a consumer clicks onto the Google Ad (presumably after a keyword search), the consumer will route through the CAKE unique link (URL). If the consumer converts on the action the confirmation page (thank you page) will fire the CAKE conversion pixel which in turn fires the Affiliates Google Pixel.

Your affiliate will now have a conversion registered in your CAKE instance as well as in the affiliate's Google AdWords tracking platform.  


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