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Tracking Discrepancy: CAKE and CRM

Updated Mar 08, 2016

This article covers:

  • Reconciling report discrepancies between CAKE and CRM

Filter and export the CAKE Conversion report

For one offer and timeframe, filter and export the CAKE Conversion report.

Filter and export the CRM report

Do the same for the CRM report. The CRM report should include Transaction ID (Value passed into the t parameter of the CAKE pixel), timestamp, and IP.  

Use external spreadsheet software to cross-reference the transaction ID’s from the CRM report against the CAKE report to identify the missing conversions. Helpful Excel functions are VLOOKUP and COUNTIF.

Filter the Pixel Log for the date and offer in question

Go to Advertisers tab > Pixel Log. Filter for the date and offer in question then click on the hyperlinked number in the ‘Attempted’ column.

Export the "Attempted" report

All pixel attempts for the offer, whether they converted or not will display.  Export this report.

For more info on Pixel Log visit:

Locate the missing conversions

The URL column of the Pixel log shows the tracking URL of fired pixels. Search this column for the transaction ID's of the missing conversions found in step 2.  The transaction IDs will be found in the 't' parameter.

If you can’t find a pixel fire for a given transaction ID, the pixel was never fired from the CRM. Further troubleshooting will need to be done with the Advertiser or CRM support to find out why.

Understanding why there is a discrepancy

If you find a pixel containing the transaction ID of a missing conversion, note the ‘Disposition’ column

“Cookie/Session Not Found” means that CAKE could not locate a cookie on the browser from the initial click. This could be due to the user clearing their cookies before converting or the original click never being tracked through CAKE.  

You can further verify by noting the IP address of the pixel fire and searching the Click report for that IP. *Note: you will need to first filter the Click report for the specific date in question as IP searches cannot span multiple days. If you find a click with the matching IP, the user either cleared their cookies before converting or is using a cookieless browser such as a private or incognito window in Firefox/Chrome respectively.  

-Additional dispositions can be found in the ‘Pixel Dispositions’ section of the following article:


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