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This article will cover the following:

  • What is a Buyer Group?
  • Creating Buyer Groups
  • Add Buyer to Buyer Group

What is a Buyer Group?

A buyer group is a way of grouping buyer contracts to prevent a lead from selling to more than 1 buyer within that group.

Buyers grouped under the same buyer group are effectively considered one entity and once a success response is received from a buyer within a buyer group, CAKE will not attempt to sell the lead to any other buyers within that buyer group. In a multisell scenario, if a buyer within the buyer group has a multisell delivery type, CAKE must find another multisell or hybrid buyer outside of the buyer group in order to successfully sell that lead.

Creating Buyer Groups

Creating Buyer Groups

There are two ways to add a Buyer Group.

The first option is through the Lead Gen main tab hover menu. Navigate the hover menu accordingly: Lead Gen > Buyers > Add Buyer Group

You can also add or edit Buyer Groups from within your Setup main tab. In the Setup main tab > Other Lists sub tab (in the left hand navigation bar) > Buyer Groups. Double-clicking a row will allow you to change the Buyer Group name.

Add Buyer to Buyer Group

To add a Buyer to a group:

  1. Open the Buyer card
  2. Within the Home tab, go to the Advanced sub tab
  3. Here you can select the Buyer Group to associate a Buyer to


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