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Using OpenMail With CAKE

Updated Aug 27, 2015

This article will cover the following:

- How to add an OpenMail Advertiser

- How to setup an OpenMail Offer

This article serves as a complete walkthrough on setting up OpenMail as an advertiser in your CAKE system and redirecting excess traffic to one of their landing pages.

Important: In order for a client to use OpenMail, the client must be licensing the Affiliate license and Events must be enabled. CAKE will also need to enable a backend setting so please coordinate with your Account Manager (or trainer) to have that turned on.

What OpenMail Does*

OpenMail is an email data and analytics platform to help marketers gain audience insights, optimize engagement and increase revenue. The integration with CAKE allows you to easily target and redirect email traffic to OpenMail's diverse inventory of offers for maximum traffic monetization.

Adding Your OpenMail Advertiser

The OpenMail reporting sync is managed through the existence of a designated Offer into which OpenMail will sync stats from their system and your CAKE instance. To add an Offer, first an Advertiser is required so our first step will be to add an Advertiser.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Create an OpenMail Advertiser
  2. On your Advertiser card which opens upon creation > Events tab please add a new event for OpenMail. You can name this anything you wish.
  3. (Event) Type: CPE
  4. Allow Duplicates: ON
  5. Portal: OFF (default)
  6. Active for all Offers: ON

Setting Up Your OpenMail Offer

To create your offer, follow these steps from the Advertiser card you just created:

  1. From the Advertiser card > Offers tab, click on Add Offer.
  2. Create an OpenMail CPA Offer (CPA is the default price format for all CAKE offers).
  3. On the Offer card > Home tab > Info subtab, please enter the Offer link provided to you by OpenMail, including our campaign ID token (&sub_id=#campid#) to pass OpenMail our campaign ID.
  4. On the Offer card > Contracts tab > Contracts subtab, there will be a new setting "Price Received from Previous Average Interval" to designate how frequently OpenMail will sync stats with CAKE. In this drop-down you will select Daily.
  5. Please pull the event conversion pixel for your Offer and provide this to OpenMail to implement.

With that, your OpenMail offer setup in CAKE is complete. The next steps will allow you to designate what traffic you will redirect to OpenMail.

Approving Sources (Affiliates)

You will approve each Affiliate that will send redirect traffic to OpenMail with OpenMail.

Once you have done so, you will create a campaign for that Affiliate and your OpenMail Offer. The media type for these campaigns should be 'Email'.

WARNING: If in any event, the media type of the campaign the traffic originates from is NOT email, please ensure that your campaign matches the originating campaign's media type.

Adding Your OpenMail Offer On Your Email Campaigns As The Redirect Offer

Adding Your OpenMail Offer On Your Email Campaigns As The Redirect Offer

The optimal traffic that OpenMail targets is email traffic that cannot be monetized. On those campaigns where you are concerned that you will hit cap, or have residual traffic from an email drop that can no longer be sent to or convert on an offer, you will set the volume cap if relevant and select your new OpenMail offer as the redirect offer on that campaign.


Based on your daily sync setting set on your OpenMail offer, OpenMail will take the total earnings accrued throughout the day and apply that amount evenly across all clicks that have been tracked on your CPC offer each day. This means that during the course of the present day, revenue information will not be present, instead being updated overnight for the previous day. When the update occurs, you will see a note that the conversion has been updated by OpenMail.

*For additional information about any of CAKE's third party integrations, please contact your Account Manager.


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