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How Do I Use SubAffiliate Tracking?


This article educates affiliates on how to track SubAffiliates and provides related SubAffiliate information.

This article covers:

  • SubAffiliates / Sub IDs
  • Reasons for passing a SubAffiliate on a tracking link
  • Passing a Sub ID to your advertiser
  • Reporting on SubAffiliates

What Is A SubAffiliate / Sub ID?

From CAKE's perspective, a SubAffiliate is simply the source of a single affiliate's traffic.

As an affiliate, your advertiser may request that you pass a non-unique sub ID or subaffiliate value on your traffic to any given offer for the purpose of gauging quality.

This can either be a direct affiliate that you are working with (hence the name "SubAffiliate") or a specific website upon which you're placing the CAKE tracking link.  

Why Would I Want To Pass A SubAffiliate On A Tracking Link?

You may want to pass a sub ID on the tracking link simply because your advertiser has requested it. In this case, you can expect that your advertiser will be reviewing your total traffic and determining the quality on your traffic by the unique sub ID's being passed on the link.

Sub ID tracking is also very beneficial for you as well! As you deliver traffic to your advertisers' offers, you will begin to understand which source of your traffic is delivering the best value.

How Do I Pass A Sub ID To My Advertiser?

How Do I Pass A Sub ID To My Advertiser?

Every CAKE tracking link has a parameter dedicated for passing sub ID's. On the end of the link, you will find "&s1=".  s1 is the sub ID parameter that is specifically looking for sub ID values.

If CAKE receives unique values on the s1 parameter, these values will be ignored altogether. We do this because this parameter is specifically intended for sub ID tracking. Unique ID's, such as a click ID or a session ID, are not true sub ID's. Instead, you can pass these values on s2, s3, s4 or s5.

In the image above, you can see the s1= parameter is on the end of the tracking links for this offer.

How Do I Report On SubAffiliates?

How Do I Report On SubAffiliates?

The Affiliate Portal provides several helpful reports for sub ID traffic.

You can view sub ID traffic on the Campaign Summary report. First, navigate to the Reports tab on the left panel. From there, click on the Campaign Summary tab.

Once on this report, you can begin to filter traffic by specific sub ID's.

You can also view the quality of creatives by filtering on specific sub ID's.

The Affiliate Portal also provides a dedicated SubAffiliate Summary report. This is particularly helpful to see all sub ID's and general aggregate reporting.

You may also find the Conversion and Click reports to be helpful. They provide details about every click and conversion including the sub ID values. This is also where you can view other sub ID parameters.


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