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How Do I Upload A Pixel?


The purpose of this article is to educate affiliates on how to upload a tracking pixel.

This article covers:

  • How to upload a browser pixel
  • How to upload a postback URL (Server to Server)
  • How to upload a pixel that is specific to an event

How Do I Upload A Browser Pixel?

How Do I Upload A Browser Pixel?

CAKE classifies a browser pixel as any pixel (or tag) that can be piggybacked directly from the browser. This is usually found in the form of an iFrame Pixel, Javascript Pixel or Image Pixel.

When you upload a pixel into CAKE, this pixel will ultimately piggyback off of the pixel your advertiser has implemented.

To upload a browser pixel, locate the offer that you'd like to add your pixel to, open the Offer card and then navigate to the Testing & Tracking tab.

Then, locate the larger text field titled "Pixel HTML" and place your pixel there.

Once it has been placed, click Save.

How Do I Upload A Postback URL? (Server to Server)

If you are choosing to implement a postback URL, you will want to locate the text field titled "Postback URL (Server Pixel)"

Place your URL and click Save.

You may also require a specific value to be passed back in the server pixel you originally passed on the CAKE tracking link. This value can be placed in your server pixel via a CAKE token. CAKE tokens are located to the left.  The example above is using #s2# as a dynamic value that will be passed back in the postback URL.

How Do I Upload A Pixel That Is Specific To An Event?

Events should be predefined by your advertiser. They allow you to track specific tracking elements within the conversion journey.

For example, events allow you to track a "download", and separately, a "registration".

You may want to implement a unique tracking pixel per event.  If events are enabled for your offer, you will notice an Events tab.

Simply click on the Events tab and you will notice an "Edit Pixels" link next to each available event. This will allow you to leverage the default pixel that was placed within the Testing & Tracking tab, or you can upload a unique pixel.


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