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Affiliate Portal - How Do I Test A Campaign?


The purpose of this document is to educate affiliates on how to test a campaign.

This article covers:

  • How to apply a test link
  • How the test link works
  • How to test a campaign in test mode
  • How to test a campaign outside applied geo-targeting rules

How To Apply A Test Link

How To Apply A Test Link

First, find your way to the Offers grid within the Affiliate Portal and open an offer you'd like to test.

Once the Offer card is open, click on the Testing & Tracking tab.

From there, you'll be able to apply your unique tracking link in the Test Link field.

How The Test Link Works

How The Test Link Works

Before we answer the how, it is equally important to answer the why. Why would you want to place a test link?

The purpose of the test link is to give you the ability to test the campaign from within the CAKE Affiliate Portal while allowing the redirect to begin with your tracking link.

Often times, you will find you need the test to begin with your platform for the purpose of generating a click ID or to set the cookie in your platform to track a conversion.

Once you place a URL in the Test Link field, you will notice that the Test Page will display your URL instead of the CAKE tracking link.

How To Test A Campaign In Test Mode

How To Test A Campaign In Test Mode

Once you have placed your test link and implemented your conversion pixel, simply click on "Test Offer" to begin the testing process.

Once the new browser window loads, you will be given the option to enable test mode.

Test mode will flag any potential click or conversion as a test within your advertiser's CAKE platform so they can easily identify your test.

Test mode does not affect tracking - the campaign will behave the same as if it was not in test mode.

How To Test A Campaign Outside Applied Geo-targeting Rules

Once test mode has been enabled on an offer, CAKE will ignore any geo-targeting rules applied to that offer. This allows affiliates to test the offer outside of geo-targeting rules.


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