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How to Monetize Redirected or Unwanted Traffic


This article will cover the following:

  • Redirecting unwanted traffic
  • How to potentially monetize redirected/unwanted traffic

Redirecting Unwanted Traffic

There are several potential reasons as to why you may want to redirect affiliate traffic.

For example, maybe you have an offer that only accepts US traffic, or doesn't allow traffic from users on a mobile device.

CAKE's worflow allows you to redirect that unwanted traffic to other offers within your system.  This document describing CAKE's Workflow outlines the functionality behind that logic.

This document on CAKE's Redirect Strategy provides further details about scenarios when you may want a redirect to take place.

At a high-level there are four stages to CAKE's Redirect strategy.  CAKE will always look for a redirect offer that has been set at the most granular level, which in CAKE is the Campaign card.  if no redirect is set on the Campaign card, CAKE will then look to the Offer card.  From there CAKE looks at the Vertical card and then the Global level redirect, which is by default a 404 page.  That flow is Campaign > Offer > Vertical > Global.

However, what if you don't have an offer that you want to redirect all of this unwanted traffic to?

How to Monetize Redirected/Unwanted Traffic

As described in the documents above, CAKE allows you to set redirect offers at the various levels in the redirect strategy.  If you choose not to set redirect offers on the Campaign, Offer or Vertical cards CAKE is by default going to redirect that traffic to the global redirect, a 404 page.

Instead of sending traffic to a 404 page, we can leverage the global redirect as a catch all to potentially monetize that traffic which would otherwise be sent to a 404.

There are a few 3rd party companies that specialize in providing monetization solutions for affiliate networks.

Companies such as YTZ International, and AdworkMedia provide solutions that you can leverage to monetize traffic that would otherwise be sent to a 404 page.


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