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How to Test a Campaign


Testing a new or modified Campaign with your Affiliate before setting traffic live is key to ensuring tracking accuracy.

Test button

Once you have setup your Campaign, you will want to test the ability to track a click and conversion. The Test feature allows a Cake Client to ensure that the Conversion Pixel has been placed correctly by the Advertiser.

There is a Test button located on the Home Tab of every Campaign.  

Before testing, you will want to verify that your Advertiser has placed the conversion pixel on the page where the conversion takes place.  Once verified, click the Test button.

Testing Configuration

Testing Configuration

When you click the Test button from the Campaign card, you will be redirected to a new page that will have Testing Instructions.

This Test Page allows a user to:

\L \ - Clear Cookies from a previous Test Session using the Clear button (will only clear cookies associated with the URL in the test link)

- Turn Test Mode “On”  -  Test Mode flags Clicks and Conversions as “Tests” so that Reporting and EPCs are not effected by test data. ** TEST MODE ALSO BYPASSES ANY GEO OR RULES TARGETING

- Testing Link - This is the unique link you can click on to test the offer.  

See The Results

See The Results

Once you have clicked the test link and converted on the Advertiser's page, click the "See The Results" button.  

Click Info will show the Date Clicked and the Total Clicks.

Conversion Info will show the following:

Event Type:  Conversion or Event ( Events only available to those who have Events setup in their instance.)

Date Converted

Test Lead:

- "Yes" informs the user that a Conversion was tracked in CAKE\L

- "No" informs the user that a Conversion was not tracked in CAKE

Unique ID is the searchable ID number in CAKE for this unique Conversion

Affiliate Pixel Fired

- "Yes" informs the user that CAKE successfully fired the 3rd party Affiliate Pixel

\L- "No" informs the user that CAKE did not fire the 3rd party Affiliate Pixel

Order ID:

The Transaction ID will show the value passed through in the Conversion Pixel on the t= parameter

Test Affiliate Tracking

After you have placed your pixel with the Advertiser and your Affiliate has placed their pixel with you, you will want to test to make sure everyone is tracking properly.

Once you generate the unique CAKE link for your affiliate, they place this link in their system and generate links for their affiliates. They can place one of these links in the 'Test Link' box on the Campaign card (Affiliate can do this via the Affiliate Portal).

Upon clicking, the user is routed to the Affiliate's tracking system to register a click, then redirected through CAKE to register a click before arriving at the offer link.

Upon completion/conversion of the offer, the Advertiser will fire the CAKE pixel and CAKE will fire the Affiliate's pixel. A conversion will register in both systems.


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