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  • What is Deep Linking?
  • How to Enable Deep Linking on a Creative

What Is Deep Linking?

Deep Linking pertains to a URL which goes to a specific page that differs from the primary Offer offer link (landing page) URL.  For example: as opposed to

Common in eCommerce setups or search, if an affiliate is running traffic to an offer using a creative but wants to control which specific page the traffic is sent to, then the option for deep-linking must be enabled. The above example is beneficial if the affiliate had a shoe blog and knows their traffic will convert better if linked directly to a page with the advertiser's shoe products rather than a more general landing page.

Once the setting is enabled, the affiliate will modify the CAKE unique link by appending &ckmrdr=DEEP_LINK (i.e. ...&ckmrdr= to control the redirect destination of the click.

How to enable Deep Linking on a creative

How to enable Deep Linking on a creative

In order to enable the affiliate to use the ckmrdr= parameter in their links and redirect traffic to a specific deep link, the option must be enabled on the creative level.  

In the specific creative that is to allow affiliate level deep linking, the "Allow Link Override" checkbox in the Info subtab must be checked.  Once this checkbox is checked, the affiliate is then free to append their tracking link with &ckmrdr=DEEP_LINK.  

Example of an affiliate tracking link with deep linking:  In this example, AFIFILIATE_ID is the actual affiliate ID and CREATIVE_ID is the creative ID which has the setting enabled.

NOTE: The creative ID in the tracking URL must match with a creative that has deep linking (link override) enabled.


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