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Affiliate Portal - Global Customization of Affiliate Portal Views


This article will cover the following:

  • Overview
  • How to Customize Affiliate portal Reporting views for all Affiliates


As an Administrator of your CAKE instance, you can setup custom reporting views for the Affiliate portal.  These changes will be made globally across all affiliates, thus any changes made to the reporting view will affect all affiliates portal views.  Affiliates are not able to setup their own views.  This means that the Edit View icon is only available to virtually logged in administrators.

Editing Affiliate Portal reporting views

Virtually login to the Affiliate portal by opening an Affiliate card and clicking the login button.  You can also virtually login to the Affiliate portal by clicking on the main Affiliates tab > Affiliates subtab and clicking the hyperlinked Login in the Login column.

Affiliate Portal

Once you're logged into the Affiliate portal select the Reports subtab.  You will now see an Edit View button in the top right hand side of the report.

Clicking on the Edit View button will bring up the Edit View card which allows you to select or deselect the various filters, drill downs and columns you would like this reporting view to look like for all affiliates.

Each Report (Daily Summary, Campaign Summary, Creative Summary, Subaffiliate Summary, Conversion Report, Click Report) will have the Edit View button so you can edit how each individual report is going to look for all affiliates.


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