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White Label CAKE - Logo Requirements


This article will cover the following:

- Sizing of logos in your CAKE instance

- Login Page, System Logo, Favicon, Affiliate Signup Page, Ribbon

Login Page Logo

Login Page Logo

This logo is visible when you are viewing the login page for CAKE.

Size: width 299px x any height.

Format: png


System Logo

The system logo is visible in the top left corner of your instance of CAKE. We recommend that you use a transparent logo so that it blends well with the background color that you choose. It will be overlaid on top of the optional ribbon logo (see below). We advise that you include at least one of the large or medium logos.

Below are three size options available for the system logo.  You have the option of changing between these sizes within Setup:


Size: width 205px x 41px\L Optional


Size: width 123px x 41px\L Optional


Size: width 41px x 41px

\L Required - also used for page loading image

Format: png



The favicon logo will be visible in the navigation tab of your browser as well as in the bookmarks entry.

Size: 16px x 16px

\L Format: ico

\L \ Required

Affiliate Signup Page

Affiliate Signup Page

This logo will be visible in the affiliate signup page:

Size: width 940px x 111px

\L Format: png\L



By default in CAKE you can specify a gradient or flat color background.  If you provide a ribbon logo, it will replace the background color chosen, and be placed behind your system logo.

Please do not include your logo on the ribbon as it will be overlaid with one of the System logos listed above.

Size: width 2000px x 61px\L

Format: jpg\L



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