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A Campaign Summary and Performance Summary will always be available in the Affiliate Portal.  Admin users do have the ability to customize the Dashboard to include other pieces of information.


Affiliates can search for Offers by selecting the Offers sub tab to the left of their main dashboard view.  From here, Affiliates will have the ability to narrow down their search results by using the search functionality on the left.  All available Offers will show to the right.  Top open an Offer, simply click the hyperlink of the Offer name.


Affiliates can view their reports by selecting the Reports tab to the left of their main dashboard view.  Within reports, affiliates will be able to drill down into a variety of reports, which you can see above.

Product Feeds

Clients that are using the eCommerce functionality within CAKE will have a tab for their product feeds.  To view, edit and download a product feed, Affiliates would click the tab for Feeds to the left of their main dashboard view.  

iFrame Option

iFrame Option

Clients can opt to show an iFrame of another website to their affiliates in the portal.  If clients have this feature enabled, an iFrame tab will show to the left of their main dashboard view.


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