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Custom Appearance Settings and Themes

Updated Apr 16, 2019

This article will cover the following:

  • Where to find your Custom Appearance Settings
  • General Settings
  • Color Settings
  • Theme Guide

Where to find your Custom Appearance Settings

To access your Custom Appearance Settings select your main Setup tab > Settings subtab > Custom Appearance

General Settings

General Settings

System Name: Name that appears in the browser title, loading messages, and the upper-left corner of every portal.

Hide System Name: Show/hide your System Name in the upper left hand corner of your CAKE instance.  You would hide this if you were using a graphic instead of a text name.

Logo Size: Specifies the size of your logo

Color Settings

Color Settings

Color Themes: From this drop down you are able to select a pre-created color theme or select custom to create your own color theme.  You can preview these defaults by selecting the name.  

Custom Color Settings

If you would like to customize your color scheme of your instance, you can change colors at a granular level when you select Custom in the Color Themes drop down.

Theme guide

Please see the attached file below to see themes and locations of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors for your System, Navigation and Actions


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