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How to Add a Buyer Contract - Filters



Filters allow a Buyer Contract to only purchase leads where the data contained in the lead match the Buyer’s requirements.

Every lead will be compared to the Filters contained in the Buyer Contract. If the lead passes the Filters, the lead will qualify to sell.

Filters are completely customizable and are Vertical-specific.

Examples may include “Contains State” or “email_contains”. The image above outlines that the lead must contain AL, WA, NY or AK in the State Field. Additionally, the user's email address must contain "".

Cake can also filter leads by Zip Code and a specific distance from that Zip Code.

For example, the user’s Zip Code must be within 100 miles of 92626.

Filters are made in Settings > Filters. For more information please consult with your trainer on best practices.

**For more information on Filters (How to create them, etc) please visit:


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