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Conversion Pixel Variables

Updated Jun 13, 2014

This article will cover the following:

- Default Conversion Pixel Variables

- Revshare or Dynamic Price Received Pixel Variables

- Postback (Server to Server) Conversion Pixel Variables

- Mobile Tracking Conversion Pixels

Default Conversion Pixel Variables

Here is a short list of the variables included in the default conversion pixel:

o    Offer ID                A static value provided by CAKE unique to each offer

a    Advertiser ID        If the Advertiser wants to use 1 pixel instead of 1 per Offer, o=OFFER_ID can be replaced by a=ADVERTISER_ID

t   Transaction ID     An Advertiser-passed value to allow you to compare and match leads with your Advertiser. This can be any value alphanumeric including characters

Revshare or Dynamic Price Received Variables for Conversion pixel

What variables do I need to use when I have a REVSHARE or am receiving a dynamic price ?

p    Price Received    A dynamic value for the price received on an Offer

ap  Affiliate Payout   A dynamic Advertiser-passed Affiliate payout value. This would override any payout set on the actual campaign if a value is passed in ap=. If you've set up your revshare, you shouldn't need this     field, as CAKE will calculate it off of the price received passed in p=, but it's available if needed.


Pixel: <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Postback (Server to Server) Conversion Pixel Variables

What variables do I need to use when I have a POSTBACK (S2S)?

r    Request ID        A CAKE-generated value passed in the offer link (using #reqid#) that must be passed back in the server call to validate the call and identify the originating traffic source

*Request ID will  be used in the most standard server tracking cases. In order to use this tracking method - your Advertiser has to have the ability to capture a value that we pass to them and store it until they fire the conversion pixel. If they CANNOT do this, there are other alternate tracking options available using session regeneration (see the mobile section)

Mobile Tracking Conversion Pixel Variables

MOBILE TRACKING (Session Regeneration)  If you can't rely on a value passed and retained by your Advertiser, you can use another value instead. For CAKE to track based on this value, this value has to be able to be collected on the click (by the Affiliate) and the conversion (by the Advertiser) so that CAKE can find a match and track a successful conversion.

ip   User's IP         IF  1) you can only base tracking off of IP and 2) they are using server tracking since with s2s the IP CAKE captures wouldn't be the user's, it would be your Advertiser's server IP

k    Unique Key      A unique value (not the request ID or IP address) to base tracking on. This would be mapped to a specific non-s1 subID value as selected in the Offer session regeneration settings

ua  User Agent      This is the parameter that CAKE parses the user agent from for a device-based session regeneration option.



Pixel: <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" frameborder="0"></iframe>


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