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What rule targets should I use to redirect all non-mobile traffic?

Updated Jun 27, 2014

This article will cover the following:

- What rule targets to use to redirect all non-mobile traffic

Redirecting non-mobile traffic

Redirecting non-mobile traffic

Say you have an offer that's designed for mobile traffic only.
What's the best way to redirect ALL non-mobile traffic elsewhere?

  1. Set your targeting method to Rules
  2. Name your rule (in this example, I've chosen Non-Mobile)
  3. Check the Active checkbox
  4. Choose whether you would like to save this rule for later use with the "Shared" checkbox (in our example, I want to use it later, so it is checked)
  5. Then specify your redirect location - this is where you will send all unaccepted (in this case all non-mobile) traffic to.  This can be another offer / offer contract / your global redirect or a 404.
  6. Choose Operating System
  7. Then select the following: Linux / Mac OS / Other / Windows / Windows Ce

8.      Then click Save.  The above is what your created rule should look like

If your offer were the reverse - it's web traffic only and you wanted to redirect all mobile traffic - you would still select the same targets and simply check the box in the upper-left that says "Items NOT selected should result in a match on this target"


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