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Affiliate Tiers


This article will cover the following:

- Enable Tiers

- Add new Tiers

- Set a tier for an Affiliate

- Create payouts for different Tiers

- Assign Tiers to payout

Affiliate Tiers

Tiers allows affiliates to be categorized into different quality-based groups so that offers can in turn be set up with various access levels and price points catered to those groups. Instead, affiliates in different tiers may see entirely different available offers at different price points compared to another affiliate in a different tier.

A couple different looks at Affiliate Tier uses and organization

  1. Quality-based groups for a large network
    • Context: With a large network, the bottom-line is that any organizational tools that allow you to avoid micromanaging your partners and the campaigns they run is ideal. By assigning your affiliates into different tiers, you can ensure that:
      • higher-quality partners see a higher payout respective of your relationship. 
      • higher-quality tiers have different access levels (public for your most trusted, apply to run for all others)
      • lower-quality or new partners see a lower payout, and potentially don't see the offer at all
  2. Direct affiliates vs. networks
    • Context: you may have Offers that you only want to allow for direct Affiliates that own their own properties. This can be done by enabling the 'Allowed Traffic Types Filter' but it can also be done with affiliate tiers as well
  3. Internal teams vs. affiliates
    • Context: If you have internal teams - you may want to select a designated contract, landing page and price point (or price formats like CPM's and CPC's) for your internal teams only that aren't available for external partners. Affiliate tiers can assist with these types of efforts.

Enable Tiers

To enable tiers, go to: Setup > Settings > Global Settings > Naming ID Conventions

  • When affiliate payout tiers are enabled, a new field will display underneath for the default affiliate tier showing "Tier 1". 
    • CAKE is creating 1 tier (which is the only tier upon activation) to set as the default tier to assign all newly added affiliates
    • This tier can be renamed, and additional tiers added
  • To add tiers, go to: Setup > Other Lists > Tiers
  • Double-click on the "Tier 1" to rename and click the 'Add' button to add additional tiers.

When enabled Affiliates can be assigned a unique tier for the purpose of displaying a unique default payout.

By default, this is disabled.

Adding Tiers

Adding Tiers

Once Tiers have been enabled, you must add tiers in Other Lists.

Applying Tiers To Affiliates

Applying Tiers To Affiliates

Tiers are applied within the Affiliate Card in the Info tab. A tier can be applied to the Affiliate or the Affiliate will be defaulted to the Default Affiliate Tier


Creating Offer Tiers

Creating Offer Tiers

Payouts for tiers are applied to offer contracts from the Contracts tab within the Offer card. If a tier is not applied to an offer, the affiliate will be displayed the default payout of the offer.

Assigning Tiers to Offers

Assigning Tiers to Offers

Tiers can be assigned to offer contracts from the Advanced tab within the Offer card.


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