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Setup - Enable Multiple Languages


This article will cover the following:

- Where to find the setting to enable multiple languages

- Admins managing language in the Affiliate portal

Enable Multiple Languages

CAKE currently supports translating the Affiliate portal into multiple languages including Spanish, French, Italian and many more. 

The Multiple Language functionality can be disabled or enabled by this Global Setting.

To enable languages:
1) Submit a ticket to support letting CAKE's team know what languages you want in the Affiliate portal.
2) CAKE will respond with all available languages for approval by the CAKE client.
3) The CAKE client will respond with approval of available languages to be enabled in the Affiliate portal.

Once the languages have been pushed to the CAKE instance, affiliates will be able to login to the Affiliate portal and select a language of choice.  CAKE admins with access to the affiliate contact card will also be able to set the portal language.

Admins managing language in the Affiliate portal

Admins can set the language settings on a per-contact basis from the new dropdown within the affiliate contact card.  Only the languages you have asked to have made available will be selectable within the dropdown.

Affiliates managing language in the Affiliate portal

Affiliates managing language in the Affiliate portal

The affiliate is able to open their account information and select their language of choice.

Not all languages are supported at this time.  Only the approved list of languages will be be available for your affiliates.


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