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This article will cover the following:

  • What are offer contracts?
  • How to implement offer contracts in your instance

What are Offer Contracts?

Offer Contracts are a variation of the original Offer, as long as all variations end at the same conversion point, and can use the same conversion pixel.  

There are 5 items about the Offer that can be modified with offer contracts.

- Geo Targeting: Once the offer contract has been built, you will have the ability to update specific geo targeting options from within the traffic tab of the offer card.  On the top right you will see a drop-down of all offer contracts, and you can choose the specific contract you'd like to update.  For more information, please review the document for geo targeting.

- Price Format: Offer contracts can have a unique price format from the original offer. This is useful for networks that have a combination of CPA, CPC, Revshare, etc version of their offers.

- Received Percentage: If enabled, CAKE will calculate your revenue per conversion based off of a percentage of the price passed to you by the Advertiser in the &p= parameter of the conversion pixel. This setting will change the Price Revenue option to a percentage amount, rather than a dollar amount.

- Price Received: Offer contracts can have a unique price received from the original offer.  Often times an advertiser may want to pay a different CPA depending on the source of the traffic or sub affiliate. This gives a network the flexibility of providing a unique campaign to an affiliate that has a different price received.

- Offer Link: Offer contracts can have a unique offer link (landing page) from the original offer. This is useful when wanting to assign unique landing pages to specific affiliates, or for split testing traffic between multiple landing pages.

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- Thank You Link: Offer contracts can have a unique thank tou link from the original offer.

- Hidden: Checking the hidden check box will make it so that this unique offer contract does not show in the Affiliate Portal

***Offer Contracts that are NOT hidden will only show if the original offer is a public or apply to run offer. CAKE will only show 1 offer contract per price format in the Affiliate Portal***

How to Add an Offer Contract

Click the Add button while in the contracts tab of the offer card.  This will open the options to the right, where you can customize the new offer contract.

Name: The name of the offer contract is required.  The unique name of the offer contract is not shown to the affiliates in their portal by default, but you can choose to show the name from within your Affiliate Portal Settings.

Price Format, Price Received, Payout and the Offer Link are all required, and the thank you link is optional.

Select Hidden if this offer contract should not be shown in the Affiliate Portal.

Click the Save button to create your new offer contract.

Offer Contract Caps

With each offer contract you can specify caps for clicks and/or conversions, the same as you can with your default offer.  To do this, click the Caps tab to the right of your contract's Info tab.  Once you've added your cap, click the Save button for the cap to go into effect.

Please review the Caps document for more information on caps.


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