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Offers - Tiers Set Up


This article will cover the following:

  • What are Tiers
  • Enabling Tiers
  • Adding Tiers
  • Applying a Tier to an Offer Contract

What are Tiers

Tiers: Allow an offer to be categorized into unique price points or statuses that are shown to affiliates in the Affiliate Portal depending on the assigned Tier to the affiliate.

Why Tiers?: Networks and advertisers alike may choose to display a certain payout to one level of affiliates where another payout could be displayed to a different level of affiliates, or to show different offer statuses.

Example of Tiers: A network decides to categorize their affiliates into either a Gold, Silver or Bronze Tier.  All Affiliates see the same offers, but are shown a different payout depending on their Tier.

Payouts: The Offer has 3 different payouts.

  • Gold Affiliates will see a $18.00 CPA
  • Silver Affiliates will see an $16.50 CPA
  • Bronze Affiliates will see a $15.00 CPA

Status: The Offer has 3 different statuses.

  • Gold: Public
  • Silver: Apply to Run
  • Bronze: Private

Enabling Tiers

By default, Tiers are not active.

To activate Tiers, click the main Setup tab > Settings subtab > Global Settings > then check the checkbox for Affiliate Payout Tiers.

Adding Tiers

Default Affiliate Tier: By default, your CAKE instance will show “Tier 1”.  Once new Tiers are added, the selected Default Affiliate Tier will be used for any new affiliate added to your network.

Adding new Tiers: Click on the main Setup tab > click on the Other Lists subtab > then scroll down to the Tiers widget > click the Add button and type in a tier.  The name of a Tier can be edited by double clicking the Tier name and clicking Update.


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