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Advertiser Portal Settings


This article will cover the following:

  • Where to find Advertiser Portal settings
  • General Settings

Where to find Advertiser Portal Settings

The Advertiser Portal Settings can be found in: main Setup tab > Settings sub-tab > Advertiser Portal Settings.

General Settings

General Settings

There are actually only a few Advertiser Portal settings - those visible in the image above. These settings include:

  • Show Impressions in Advertiser Portal: Enabled by default, this will display an Impressions column will be added to reports in the Reports tab of the Advertiser Portal
  • Sub IDs Visibility: Disabled by default, when enabled, a SubAffiliate Summary report will be added to the Advertiser Portal reports.
  • Terms & Conditions: Any text added or edited here will appear when your advertiser contacts log into their Affiliate Portal. Approval of these terms is required in order for an advertiser contact to gain access to their portal. If they are not approved, CAKE will log them out.


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