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System Setting - Default Currency and Affiliate Payment Currency


This article will cover the following:

- Viewing your Default Currency

- Payment Currency Settings for All Affiliates (This setting will only be present if multiple currencies are enabled.)

- Payment Currency Settings for Individual Affiliates (This setting will only be present if multiple currencies are enabled.)

View Default Currency

View Default Currency

The Default Currency is the currency chosen as the System Default Currency at the time currency was enabled in your instance.
This currency will be used for payment to Affiliates when the "Pay Affiliate in system Default Currency" is selected as the Affiliate's currency preference.
The Default Currency can not be changed once it is set.

Affiliate Payment Currency

Affiliate Payment Currency

This Currency Setting will act as a default for all Affiliates unless otherwise changed on the Affiliate's Card.

An Affiliate can be paid in one of 3 ways:
1) Pay Affiliate in system default currency
2) Pay Affiliate in Offer's currency
3) Pay Affiliate in Affiliate's currency

Payment Currency Settings for Individual Affiliates

The Affiliate's currency can be changed from the Affiliate Card>Home> More tab, scroll down.
This Individual Affiliate's Payment Setting can be modified by selecting one of the 3 options from the Payment Setting drop down from the available currencies (if enabled in your instance).
Changing this setting will override the Setup> Settings> Billing Setting> Affiliate Payment Currency Setting.


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