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Affiliate Portal Settings


This article will cover the following:

- Where to access Affiliate Portal Settings

- Twitter API Settings

- Affiliate Permissions

- Affiliate Dashboard Settings

- Affiliate Reports Settings

- Ecommerce Settings

- Iframe Settings

Where to access Affiliate Portal Settings

The Affiliate Portal settings are found in the main Setup tab > Settings > Affiliate Portal Settings

Twitter API Settings

Twitter API Settings

You can display your Twitter feed in your affiliate portal by entering the data required in the Twitter API Settings section - the 1st section displayed at the very top.

Affiliate Permissions

In this section, there are a number of settings to modify the user experience or additional features available for affiliates in the affiliate portal. Settings here include the following and several more:

- Only allow affiliate postbacks : Restrict affiliates from placing HTML pixels system-wide if you are using postbacks on all offers.

- Disable affiliate pixel placement : Prevent affiliates from placing pixels in their Affiliate Portal at all. Only admins can place affiliate pixels with this setting enabled.

- Affiliate alert subscription : Allowing affiliates to subscribe to alerts created by an admin user.

- Auto approve pixels : CAKE will automatically approve any affiliate-placed pixels

Affiliate Dashboard Settings

These settings add, modify or remove widgets in the affiliate portal dashboard. We'll highlight just a couple below.

Affiliate Portal Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Portal Terms & Conditions

Any text entered in this box will display in the affiliate portal upon login. This will re-appear every time the terms and conditions are modified regardless of whether the user previously accepted the terms and conditions. The last update time and date will be notated underneath the setting name.

Third Party Link

This setting allows you to add an additional third party URL in your Affiliate Portal. These 2 settings allow you to name that link as it displays in the Affiliate Portal dashboard on the left-hand navigation bar underneath the affiliate's account manager information.

Both the terms and conditions and the third party link can be seen in a sample screenshot above.

Affiliate Reports Settings

These settings modify available reports or reporting displays in the Affiliate Portal. Some of those settings include:

- Media Type Visibility : A setting that appends the media type to the campaign name displayed in the Affiliate Portal.

- Timezone : A setting available only for CAKE enterprise clients that allows affiliates to see reports in the timezone set on their contact card. When an affiliate contact does change their timezone, a message will display that "Exported reports will reflect the global timezone ([Client's Timezone])"

ECommerce Settings

If Ecommerce is licensed, 2 options are available here to:

- Show Feeds : allowing affiliates to compile their own product feeds

- Hide Transaction Inquiry Visibility : removing the ability of affiliates to generate order inquiries.

Iframe Settings

Iframe Settings

Last but not least, this is a secondary third party URL that can be incorporated into the Affiliate Portal. What's entered here can be displayed one of 2 ways based on the column location. If the column location is 'Left Nav' it will display as a sub-tab in the left hand navigation bar (you can see this display method in the Third Party Link section). The other 2 options are widgets in the Affiliate Portal dashboard, either on the left or right assuming the browser window is wide enough to accommodate 2 columns. If the browser window is too small, CAKE will automatically cut down the dashboard display to 1 column.


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