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This article will cover the following:

  • What the Email Settings are used for
  • Where to find your Email Settings
  • General Settings

What are the Email Settings used for?

Every CAKE instance is required to have valid Email Settings. CAKE does not provide you with an Email Server, so it is very important to set one up before using CAKE.

The Email Settings, once applied, allow you to deliver outbound emails from CAKE in the form of newsletters, login credentials, alerts, etc.

Where to find your global email address settings

To access your Global Email Settings, click your Setup main tab > Settings sub tab > Email Settings

Email Settings are set in place by your trainer when your instance was first built.

General Settings

General Settings

Mail Server Domain/IP Address: Enter your mail/smtp server IP or domain.

Mail Server "From" Email Address: For all emails sent from CAKE, this will appear as the 'from' email address (unless overridden in specific email templates).

Mail Server "From" Name: For all emails sent from CAKE, this will appear as the sender's name.

Mail Server Username: If required, enter mail server username here.

Mail Server Password: If required, enter mail server password here.

Mail Server Port Number: Enter mail server port number here (Default: 25).

Mail Server Use SSL: Enable this option if your mail server required transmission via SSL (Secure Socket Layer).


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