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How to Add a Vertical

Updated Jun 08, 2018

This article covers:

  • How to add a vertical using the Add a New Vertical Wizard

Definition of a CAKE Vertical: A categorization of they type of offers you will be running in your CAKE system Usually industry or product specific. Verticals will be used to categorize Offers. Affiliates are able to filter Offers by Vertical. Examples include Debt Settlement, Dating or Health & Beauty. Verticals have specific uses in the Lead Gen license - please see Lead Gen for more information.


How Do I Add a Vertical Using the Add a New Vertical Wizard?

Adding a Vertical is the first step in the workflow process.  Verticals are used to categorize Offers and play a major role in the redirect process.

To add a new Vertical:

  1. Click on the Setup main tab
  2. Click on the Verticals subtab
  3. Click on the Add Vertical button

The Add a New Vertical wizard will display.

The Add a New Vertical wizard requires both a Vertical Name and a Vertical Category.  You will not be able to click "Next" without these items.

The Vertical Category drop down will contain default items but you can add new Categories by going to Setup> Other Lists

Clicking "Next" will take you to a confirmation page.


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