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How to Add or Approve an Affiliate


This article covers:

  • How to add an affiliate
  • How to approve an affiliate

How Do I Add an Affiliate?

How Do I Add an Affiliate?

Affiliates can be added manually or approved if they have completed the signup form.

To add a new affiliate, hover over the Affiliates main tab >  hover over Affiliates in the drop down > click on Add a New Affiliate.

The Add a New Affiliate wizard will display.

The only required fields to build a new Affiliate are:

  • Name:
  • Status:

All other fields within the wizard are optional and can be modified once the Affiliate card opens.

How Do I Approve an Affiliate?

How Do I Approve an Affiliate?

If using the Affiliate Signup form, review affiliate applications from within the interface.

To access Pending Affiliates:

Click on the Affiliates main tab > Pending subtab > Affiliates > click the '+' icon to review the affiliate's information.

To approve the affiliate, click the Approve button under the "Actions" column.

Once approved the Affiliate card will open automatically for review.


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