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Price Formats

Price Formats

CAKE offers 5 different price formats.  When adding your offer into the system you have to select one price format to be the default.

CPA: Cost per Acquisition - This price format should be used for all lead submits or credit card purchases.  Ex: You pay your affiliate $5 if the user fills out a form and hits submit.

CPC: Cost per Click - This price format should be used when you pay your affiliate every time a user clicks their unique link. (this link could be embedded in a creative, which means every time the creative is clicked you are paying the affiliate).

CPM: Cost per Thousand Impressions - This price format should be used when you are paying based on impressions (views).  Every time your banner is viewed will count as an impression.

Fixed: This price format allows you to pay your affiliate one price, regardless of the amount of conversions generated.  Ex: You pay your affiliate $20. If your affiliate only generates 1 conversion you pay $20.  If your affiliate generates 100 conversions you still only pay them the fixed amount of $20.  This is often times used to track media spend.

Rev Share: This price format allows you to pay your affiliate a percentage of whatever you receive from the advertiser.  Ex: You select a revShare of 25% paid to your affiliate.  If your advertiser pays you $50 you will be paying your affiliate $12.50 (25% of $50)

Multiple Price Formats per Offer

Although you can only select one price format to be the default price format for that offer, you do have the ability to set up multiple price formats for each offer.  This is also known as offer contracts.  As you can see in the image above, we have created 4 offer contracts with three different price formats.

Please refer HERE to view a doc on setting up offer contracts.


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