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As you might know, CAKE allows four different types of creatives: Link, Email, Flash and Image.  All of them but the link allow for HTML files to be uploaded, allowing you to then present the Affiliate with the HMTL Code.  What this feature will allow you to do is automate that process and not have to upload a HTML file, just the creative itself.

Activating the feature

Activating the feature

The first step in order to start using this feature is to activate it (it comes inactive by default). If you go to Setup > Global settings > at the end of that section you'll see the fields called Creative Image HTML Template and Creative HTML Flash Template (as seen above). That's where we'll define your templates for 1) images & 2) flash creatives.  Unlike other features in CAKE there's no tick box to enable this feature.  In this case it depends on whether a template has been defined or not.


Here is an example of an image creative template:

<a href="#url#"><img src="#template_img<0>#" alt=""></a>

"#url# will be used by CAKE to replace it with the affiliate's unique tracking link

\L \ #template_img<0># will be used to place the image's file path.

Although you don't need to have Cloud Creative Hosting active it is recommended to make the most out of this feature.  Otherwise, the affiliate will have to download the file and replace the current path of the file.

*Alternatively you might want to use the encoded version of the link as this will avoid issues.  In order to so so you'll need to replace the #url# with #url<e>#.

Upload File

Upload File

When uploading a file after you've enabled the feature you'll see an additional tick-box: Include HTML Template File. You can tick this in case you want CAKE to create a HTML file with that template so that the affiliate will be able to copy and paste the code without downloading anything.

This tick-box will be available both for image and flash creative files as long as you have defined templates for them.

Mapping the Images

Mapping the Images

After uploading the images you will have to map them just as you would with an email creative. Here's how:

1) In the creative card go to the files tab.

2) Select the HTML file.

3) Click on Edit File button.

4) Click on the Image Source tab.

5) On the image name select the image from the drop-down.  Then click on save.

Alternatively to avoid this step you could include in your template an additional # around the image token. In this case the template would look like this:

<a href="#url#"><img src="##template_img<0>##" alt=""></a>

Getting the Code (Affiliate)

The affiliate will be presented with three different options.  They will be able to email themselves the creative or download the zip as they previously did.

Additionally at this point they will be presented with the Get Code link, which will allow them to copy and paste the HTML code.

The template we defined earlier will present this code to the affiliate:

<a href="">

\L <img src="" alt="">\L </a>

Which they can copy and paste to start running this offer.


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