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How to Set Up RevShares in CAKE

Updated Jun 20, 2014

This article will cover the following:

  • Creating a RevShare offer
  • Case 1 Offer Contract setup: Advertiser passes your received price for each conversion
  • Case 2 Offer Contract setup: Advertiser passes the total sale amount

The Scenario

CAKE has 2 ways of setting up a RevShare offer depending on how your advertiser wants to pass you your price received for each conversion.

Let's assume you're getting half of the value of the conversion.  So if a conversion is worth $100, you get $50.  If a conversion is worth $150, you get $75.

Working off of an example where the value of the conversion is $100:

Case 1: Advertiser calculates your share of the sale amount and passes you your actual price received ($50)

Case 2: Advertiser passes you the total sale amount ($100) and CAKE calculates your price received as a percentage of the passed price ($100 x 50% = $50 price received)

Creating your RevShare offer

Creating your RevShare offer


\L The default setting when creating an offer is Case 1 where the advertiser passes your full price received.  In this case, the received price listed on the offer can be any value, but will be overridden by the price passed in the pixel for each conversion (in &p=).  If CAKE is to calculate your price received as a percentage you will be able to set that up in the Contracts tab once the offer has been created.

Default Paid\L

With a revshare the price paid is actually a % value as opposed to a $ amount.  So if you are paying your affiliate 70% of what you get then you would enter 70.  \L This is not to be entered as a decimal value - 0.70 would be calculated as 0.7% of whatever price received we record.

Case 1 Offer Contract Setup: Advertiser passes your received price for each conversion

In this setup the received percentage checkbox is unchecked and the received price is specified in dollars (or your specified currency).

Whatever is passed in the p parameter in the pixel will be used as your price received.

Case 2 Offer Contract Setup: Advertiser passes the total sale amount

If your price received is also calculated off of the advertiser-passed value you will check the received percentage checkbox.

This updates the value from a monetary amount to a % value and both price received and payout will be calculated off of the value passed in the p parameter.

RevShare Conversion Pixel

In order to receive a dynamic price received for your offer you must add a price parameter (&p=PRICE) into your offer conversion pixel.  The conversion pixel you provide to your advertiser should look like this:

<iframe src="" height="1" width="1" frameborder="0"></iframe>

... where the Advertiser would replace PRICE with the code to populate and pass the amount for that transaction.


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