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How to Test Conversions


This article will explain

- How to locate Test Conversion data done in "Test Mode"

- How to mark a conversion as a Test

Tests done in "Test Mode"

Tests done in "Test Mode"

When using our test pages and "Test Mode" is enabled, both clicks and conversions are specifically marked as tests, and in addition to being marked as $0, they do not display in your regular reporting.


"Testing" Sub-Tab

The easiest way to locate your test results would be to go to the "Testing" sub-tab located in either the Advertiser or Affiliate Tabs.  \L \   This will highlight all clicks, conversions and leads that come through the testing pages in CAKE.

\L    You will notice that all of these clicks and conversions are at $0 and also marked as tests in the 'Sub ID 1' column.

What if I didn't enable test mode?

Find your 'Test' Conversion either by the Lead ID or by some other identifying factor (transaction ID, unique subID value).

Then right-click and select "Mark as Test". This will remove both the price received and price paid and mark the Conversion as a Test - removing that Conversion from regular reporting.


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