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Tracking - Passing Parameters to the Landing Page


This article will cover the following:

- How to Pass parameters to the landing page

Passing Additional Parameters on the CAKE Unique Link

The Scenario: An Advertiser wants to Pre-pop their forms with parameters passed to their landing page with the following schema:<email_address>&phone=<home_phone>&f_name=<first_name>&lastname=<last_name>

email = Email Address
phone = Home Phone
f_name = First Name
lastname = Last Name
product_id = Product ID #

CAKE allows those parameters to be passed using the CAKE unique link. Any parameters that aren't explicitly CAKE parameters (a=,c=,s1=,etc.) will be appended to the landing page URL.

Offer Card Setup

The offer link URL needs no special setup on the Offer card.

Passing the Parameters on the Click

Passing the Parameters on the Click


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