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Updating Currency Exchange Rates


This article will cover the following:

- Where to find your exchange rates

- How to update an existing rate

- How to add a new exchange rate

- Exchange rate sources

Once you have had additional currencies enabled in your instance these will need to be updated on a regular basis to adjust for the exchange rates at the time of processing billing. 

If you do not enter an exchange rate for a period CAKE will default to a 1:1 exchange rate across all currencies during that period. 

It is possible to correct this afterwards but aside from the confusion caused any bills generated including values during these exchange rates will need to be deleted and regenerated.

Where to find your exchange rates

Go to your main Accounting tab > Exchange Rates subtab

Update an existing rate

To update an existing rate:

1. Locate the appropriate date range from the list on the left

2. Click the Edit button on the right-hand side (the note-pad icon)

3. Make the necessary adjustments on the right-hand side

4. Click Save

Adding a new exchange rate

Adding a new exchange rate

To add a new exchange rate:

1. Click Add which will create a blank template on the right hand side

2. Fill in all fields (your start date/time should match your last end date so that they overlap so if your last rate ends at 11/1/12 at 12:00:00, your new start date/time will also be 11/1/112 at 12:00:00)

3. Once all fields are filled in,the Add button will turn dark blue and you can then click Add to complete adding your new exchange rate

Exchange rate sources

Exchange rate sources

You can use your own exchange rates to match internal rates or you can make use of a third party source to make this easier.  Simple select between Open Exchange RatesYahoo, or Rate Exchange.  You can choose a default source in your Billing Settings - and it will be preselected for you.  Click Fetch Rages and it will pull the exchange rates down and enter into the appropriate boxes for the two operations above.


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