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This article will cover the following:

- What is Advertiser Credit

- How to enable Advertiser Credit

- Setup of the Advertiser Credit feature

What is Advertiser Credit?

Advertiser Credit is an additional system feature that can be enabled in your Global Settings.  This feature is commonly used by clients as a form of monetary cap at the advertiser level to keep track of overall media spend and limit traffic based on a credit amount.

Here are some important things to take note of about advertiser credit

1. Advertiser credit is not enabled by default. It can be turned on in your Global Settings > Advertiser Credit

2. Once Advertiser Credit is enabled, it cannot be disabled

3. If Advertiser Credit is enabled, you cannot be changed the Advertiser assigned to that offer - even on the backend.

You can also create an Employee Alert within your system to let yourself and your employees know when you are reaching your advertiser credit limit.

Enabling Advertiser Credit

To enable Advertiser Credit, go to: the Setup tab > Settings tab (left-hand navigation) > Global Settings

Then scroll down until you find the Advertiser Credit section (see above).

\L The first checkbox enables Advertiser Credit. You will then be asked to choose a start date for the setting to go into effect - this must be future-dated meaning it cannot be the day you are enabling the setting.

Once enabled, several fields related to Advertiser Credit will be added to all advertiser cards, however they will be blank which in effect does not change any existing behavior. Even when an amount is added, it is really only the next setting - Hard Cap on Credit Limit - that changes your system behavior.

The hard cap setting determines whether CAKE will redirect all incoming traffic for that Advertiser upon hitting that value across all offers for that Advertiser. Unless this box is checked, the limit is really only a threshold with a corresponding alert that employees can opt into to remind themselves that the cap is near or hit. The setting chosen here will default on all new advertisers credit moving forward, but can be modified on a per advertiser basis.

Applying Credit to Advertisers

Once credit has been enabled, every advertisers' credit limit will default to unlimited and a prepaid amount of $0.00.  This implies that the advertiser does not have a cap based on a monetary value.

The "Credit Limit" can be viewed as extended credit or a limit to the revenue generated across the conversions generated for that advertiser - although no actual money has been received. It's essentially like having a credit limit on your credit card.

The "Prepaid Amount" will be actual money given to you by your advertiser before you start running traffic to their offers.

\L Additionally, the hard cap on credit limit will default to the Global Setting, but can be overridden on the advertiser level.

Applying a credit limit to an Advertiser

By default, the credit limit is unlimited. To apply a credit limit to an advertiser:

1. Open the advertiser card and in the Info sub tab, select Custom from the Credit Limit Option field drop-down.

2. A credit limit text field will appear once custom has been selected.

3. Enter a number value and click Save. This will be applied to credit remaining section on your advertiser's card minus any activity accrued for the month.

To change a credit limit, simply revise the amount or switch the credit limit back to unlimited and click Save.

Applying a prepaid amount to an Advertiser

To apply a prepaid amount:

1. Open the advertiser card and click the Add Manual Credit button on the Home tab.

2. The wizard shown above will open (It can also be accessed by hovering over the main Advertiser tab > Credit / Balance > Add Credit)

\L 3. Only the amount is required unless you are using multiple currencies in which case, the currency is required.

Once the prepaid amount has been applied to the advertiser, it will show in the prepaid amount field. As you begin to run traffic to this advertiser's offers your "Prepaid Amount" will count down. Please note that negative values can be entered to adjust prepayment amount if needed.


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