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Twitter Feed not Working?

Updated Jun 27, 2014

This article will cover the following:

- Steps to take when troubleshooting if Twitter feed is not working in the Affiliate Portal

Twitter recently updated their API away from how it is called in your CAKE instance.

Here are some high level instructions about what needs to be done to restore the functionality in your CAKE instance:

1. go to
2. create an app
3. within the app configuration page, create an access token
4. enter consumer key / consumer secret / access token / access token secret into cake (new global settings fields will be added)

Please note that you can use the same credential for the buyer side if they're using the same twitter account for both portals, if not, you'll have to follow the same steps outlined above for that account as well.

Once those steps have been completed in twitter, you can then input those credentials into your CAKE Affiliate portal settings.

In the Affiliate Portal Settings you will need to provide this info:

Affiliate Twitter Account:

Consumer Key:

Consumer Secret:

Access Token:

Access Token Secret

Please see above screen shot as to where this is located.


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