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How to add a Campaign


This article will cover the following:

- What is a Campaign in CAKE

- How to create a Campaign

What is a Campaign?

What is a Campaign?

A campaign in CAKE is the one to one relationship between an affiliate and an offer.  You can see the relationship of the campaign to the affiliate and the offer in the breadcrumbs highlighted above, below the campaign name. Both of these breadcrumbs are clickable so that you can easily access the other cards to review additional information or take further actions if necessary.

How to create a Campaign

How to create a Campaign

To add a new campaign:  

  1. Open either an affiliate or an offer card
  2. Click on the Campaigns tab
  3. Click the Add Campaign button
  4. The campaign creation wizard will open to allow you to enter the necessary details
  5. Select the affiliate
  6. Select the offer
  7. Select the media type. This is for informational purposes but the list will only display media types specified as allowed on the offer
  8. Enter the price (payout to the affiliate or source - cost)
  9. Select the status. (Active/Inactive/Pending) Only active campaigns allow for a normal redirect of traffic to the offer's landing page.  Inactive and pending campaigns will redirect any traffic sent to that campaign through the redirect strategy.

Creating campaigns through the hover menu

Creating campaigns through the hover menu

You can additionally create campaigns through the Affiliate tab hover menu.

  1. Hover over the Affiliates tab
  2. Hover over Campaigns which will display a side menu
  3. Click on Add Campaign

Creating Campaign through the Action Menu (New Navigation)

When using the updated CAKE navigation, in the upper right corner of the screen are 3 vertical dots when clicked on will slide out the Action Menu. Once open, you can simply click on the plus symbol next to "Campaigns and the New Campaign wizard will launch on the screen.


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