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This article will cover the following:

- High-level overview of the Advertiser Portal

- How to access the Advertiser Portal

Advertiser Portal

The Advertiser Portal provides a very light interface where an advertiser can:

1. pull conversion pixels and test links

2. check reporting to compare against their own stats

3. see performance at a high-level to determine if any optimizations can be made

Advertiser Contact - Login Information

In order to give an advertiser the ability to login to their portal you first must create contacts within their advertiser card.  You will then assign a username (their email address) and as a password.  Click the Send Login Info button to email them their login credentials. Please note that this email utilizes your email settings so if this is not configured it will not send.

Advertiser Portal - Dashboard

On the main page of the Advertiser Portal you will find 2 windows: 1) an offer summary which shows the advertiser the stats of their active offers that day and 2) a performance widget that shows the revenue stats in pre-determined time frames.

If you have any bills for this advertiser, an additional Bills widget will show. This widget will display the amount, whether an invoice has been sent, and if payment has been received. All of these statuses are manual updates made in the Accounting tab of CAKE.

Offers sub-tab

In additional to the dashboard, there are 3 additional sub-tabs. The first, is the Offers sub-tab where your advertiser will be able to see all of their offers that you have setup in your CAKE instance and the vertical you have associated them to.  Your Advertiser will also be able to grab conversion pixels for each offer as well as a link to the test page from which they can test each offer.

Get Conversion Pixel

Get Conversion Pixel

When your advertiser clicks the "Get Conversion Pixel" hyperlink, it will bring up our supported pixels for that specific offer. This new pop-up is exactly the same as what you see in the admin.

Test Offer

Test Offer

Similarly the Test Page is the same as that accessed in the admin as well when clicking 'Test Offer'. When the advertiser clicks on the "Test Offer" hyperlink, the above test page is opened in a new tab or window.  As always, be sure to follow the testing protocol and clear your cookies prior to testing.

Reports sub-tab

Reports sub-tab

The Reports sub tab shows several reports:

1. The Daily Summary report

2. The SubAffiliate Summary report (if enabled in Advertiser Portal Settings)

3. The Conversion Report


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