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Offers - Allowed Traffic: Targeting, Media Types, and Blacklists


This article will cover the following topics:

- The Traffic Tab on the Offer Card

- Targeting

- GeoTargeting

- Media Types

- Blacklists

Traffic tab

The Traffic tab controls all allowed and non-allowed traffic per OfferTraffic tab


There are 3 sub-tabs on the Traffic tab

  •  Targeting: where Geo Targeting and Rules Targeting can be added/controlled
  •  Media Types: where the allowed Media Types for an Offer can be set
  •  Blacklists: where all traffic that should be blocked from an Offer can be set



By default, no targeting is set - which displays as "None" in the targeting drop-down.

This can be changed to use Geo Targeting or Rules Targeting by selecting the alternate options in the drop-down.Targeting - Geo Targeting


Targeting - GeoTargeting

The Geo Targeting widget allows a user to select a country or multiple countries as “Allowed”.
 - All countries are allowed by default. You can click to override, then allow countries by using the checkboxes on the left and clicking "Allow Selected".
 - Users clicking on a CAKE Unique Link from an IP Address of an Allowed country will redirect to the Offer normally.
 - Users clicking on a CAKE Unique Link from an IP Address of a Disallowed country will redirect to a different destination per our redirect strategy.

The Offer Contract drop-down in the upper-right corner allows you to switch between Offer Contracts to change the targeting for each Contract.Media Types


Media Types

An Offer can be associated ALL or specific Media Types. By default, all Media Types are allowed for an Offer.
Allowing specific Media Types can be used as a tool to manage which Offers get shown to Affiliates.

Affiliates can also be associated to specific Media Types.
An Affiliate will only see Offers when the Media Type matches on both the Affiliate settings and the Offer settings.
*** This only applies if the “Filter Offers By Allowed Traffic Types” Setting is enabled in the Affiliate Portal Settings ***Blacklists



When you want to block a source of traffic, you can use the Blacklist tab.
This allows you to select an Affiliate or SubAffiliate, and send that traffic one of three places: 1) 404 page, 2) Global Redirect and 3) Offer Redirect.
It also allows you to set the effective date for the blacklist redirect to a future date.

Please note:  The Blacklist tab on the Offer card also ties to the Blacklist tab on the Advertiser card.
So if an Affiliate has been blacklisted from that Advertiser, you'll also see that reflected on the Offer card, but greyed out as it can only be edited from the Advertiser card.



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