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How to add an Advertiser


This article will cover the following:

- What is an Advertiser?

- Where to add an advertiser in CAKE

What is an Advertiser?

An advertiser is the owner of an offer and the source of revenue. While you tend to associate advertisers with proprietary products or websites, an advertiser is any person or company who brokers an offer to you, contracting you to send traffic or data (leads) to them. In this sense, a network or agency can be an advertiser in relationship to you.

Where to add an Advertiser in CAKE

Adding an advertiser is the second step in the workflow for adding an offer as it's a required entity when adding an offer.

To add a new Advertiser:

1. Click on the Advertisers main tab

2. Click on the Advertisers sub tab

3. Click the Add Advertiser button

The Add Advertiser Wizard

The Add Advertiser Wizard

The Add a New Advertiser wizard will open, allowing you to enter any information about that Advertiser.

The wizard only requires the name field at the time of creation and the 'Next' button will turn a darker shade indicating you can move on.

All information including the name can be edited at any time on the advertiser card.

Adding Advertisers through the Advertiser Hover Menu

Adding Advertisers through the Advertiser Hover Menu

There's another way to add advertisers in CAKE through the Advertiser main tab hover menu.

1. When you hover over the Advertisers main tab, a menu will display underneath.

2. Then scroll down and hover over Advertisers, which will display a right-hand menu

3. Click on Add a New Advertiser and the wizard will open.


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